Why Your Dentist Still Wants You to Floss Consistently

Why Your Dentist Still Wants You to Floss Consistently

Aug 01, 2019

You might be used to your dentist telling you to floss your teeth properly. And that is, if you already floss your teeth. For others, the dentist in Langley might ask to floss their teeth more often than they do! However, sadly, most people never take it seriously. It’s perceived that brushing is the most important thing for good oral health and flossing is just optional. Some people feel that flossing is good for oral health, but not flossing doesn’t make a difference. But the fact is that flossing matters.

Some people took the elimination of flossing advice from certain US guidelines as approval of ‘no floss’ routine. But dental experts still recommend flossing daily at least once for removing plaque from teeth and gums. The articles and guidelines may not reflect the truth. The study shows the poor quality of research associated with brushing and flossing and more substantial proof is needed in the matter.

You may wonder that if research or study on the importance of flossing is weak, why dentist in Langley does recommend doing it daily. The answer is simple; to get rid of the plaque. We all are aware of what plaque can do to our teeth and gums. Flossing disrupts formation of plaque around teeth and gums. You also remove food debris by flossing regularly, which attracts bacteria. Regular brushing can’t remove plaque from between your teeth and gums. It can only be done by flossing.

This is the reason why the dentist near Langley, NC, finds flossing important and recommends their patient to floss daily. There are so many reasons why you must believe that flossing is beneficial for your dental health. So you should certainly floss and clear the food debris and plaque for enjoying a clean, fresh, and healthy mouth. Apart from your oral health, your overall health will also benefit from regular flossing. Also, it is important to use the right technique for flossing so that you can achieve great results. The hygienist near you can give guidance on the same.