Extractions In Langley, BC

We all want to keep our natural teeth for as long as possible and enjoy being able to eat and speak with them. However, occasions can arise when it is necessary to remove one or more teeth in order to maintain the health of the rest of the teeth and gums. At NovaCare Dental in Langley, you can have confidence that we will help maintain your oral health and will perform tooth extractions with as little pain and discomfort as possible when necessary.

Tooth Extractions In Langley

Reasons for a tooth extraction

Extracting a tooth or teeth is usually the last resort for your dentist at NovaCare Dental, but it is sometimes necessary to preserve your oral health. Some situations that would call for it include:

  • Severe tooth decay (where the decay threatens other teeth)
  • Impacted wisdom teeth that can cause an abscess
  • Crowded teeth
  • Failure of a baby tooth to fall out when it should, preventing a permanent tooth to come in properly


For the tooth extraction in Langley the dentists two procedures that need to be followed –

Simple: used when the affected tooth is visible above the gum line and is easily accessible. Your dentist will grab the tooth using forceps to remove it.

Surgical: needed when the tooth lies deeper in the gums. An anesthetic will first be applied to numb the tooth. If more than one tooth is being removed, a general anesthetic may be used to leave you sedated for the duration of the procedure. An incision will be made into the gum tissue to give your dentist access to the tooth. He or she will then grip the tooth and pull it back and forth in order to loosen it from the gums. When it has been sufficiently loosened, it can be lifted from the gums. If it is too firmly lodged into place, it may need to be broken up into smaller pieces first. After all the necessary teeth have been removed, the sites will be closed by having the gum tissue replaced over them. Sutures may be placed to aid with healing.

You will receive instructions for how to handle the treated areas (including how to keep it clean and what to eat) following the procedure to ensure that you heal properly.

NovaCare Dental can help you maintain your oral health in Langley, but is also available to perform tooth extractions when necessary. You can book an appointment with a tooth extraction dentist near you in Langley and in other locations including Fraser Hwy, 56 Ave, 208 St, Murrayville, Willowbrook, North East Gordon, Milner, South East Gordon Estate, and Brookswood.