Electric or Manual: Which Toothbrush Is Better?

Electric or Manual: Which Toothbrush Is Better?

Feb 01, 2023

Brushing your teeth is crucial and fundamental for good oral care and prevention. The ADA comments that electric and manual toothbrushes effectively remove dental plaque responsible for causing tooth decay and disease.

Electric and manual toothbrushes have their specific benefits. The ADA authenticates toothbrush brands, whether electric or manual, confirming they are safe and effective. However, how do you determine which option is best for your needs?

This blog provides the pros and cons of electric toothbrushes. Kindly read to determine which option best suits your needs.

Electric Toothbrush Advantages

Bristles of electric toothbrushes rotate, vibrate, and help remove more plaque from teeth and gums. The micro-movements of the vibration help effectiveness when you move the toothbrush across your teeth.

Effective At Removing Plaque

Studies reveal that generally, toothbrushes powered by electricity decrease dental plaque in your mouth to prevent gingivitis more than a manual toothbrush. After using it for three months, you notice a reduction in dental plaque by approximately 21 percent and gingivitis by 11 percent. Oscillating toothbrushes function better than vibrating toothbrushes if you are considering powered toothbrushes for yourself.

Efficient for People with Limited Mobility

An electric toothbrush doesn’t require you to work diligently because the tool helps clean your teeth and benefits people with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and developmental disabilities.

Built-In Timers

Built-in timers equipped with an electrical brush help you brush your teeth for two minutes to appropriately remove dental plaque from your teeth and gums to prevent infections like tooth decay and gum disease.

Less Wastage

Every quarter you merely have to replace the toothbrush head instead of throwing away the entire tool unless you use a single-use electric toothbrush when you might have to replace it entirely.

Improves Focus When Brushing

You might notice an improvement in your focus when brushing your teeth and using an electric toothbrush. The tool helps improve your overall brushing experience and change how well you clean your teeth.

Improvement in Oral Health with Orthodontic Appliances

Studies reveal that an electric toothbrush is specifically helpful if you have orthodontic appliances to straighten teeth because these tools make brushing easier. In addition, people with orthodontic appliances noted dental plaque remains on their teeth were similar when using electric or manual toothbrushes. However, an electric toothbrush helped improve oral health with orthodontic appliances because of the challenges people confronted when cleaning their teeth.

Entertaining For Children

The dentist near you might recommend giving your child an electric toothbrush with built-in timers to make brushing entertaining for them. Children are generally not inclined to brush and floss their teeth for the suggested time. However, an electric toothbrush can keep your child engaged and help them accomplish good oral cleaning to set healthy habits.

Safe For Gums

An electric toothbrush is safe for your gums and enamel and helps promote overall health if used as advised by your Langley dentist or the manufacturers of the brand you purchase.

Electric Toothbrush Disadvantages

You might be facing a financial challenge when purchasing an electric toothbrush because the prices are considerably higher than a manual tool. While you might not have replaced the entire toothbrush, replacing the toothbrush heads can also cost more than manual toothbrushes.

If you decide on disposable electric toothbrushes, you might find them affordable but may have to invest in batteries to power them. In addition, finding appropriate toothbrush heads is also challenging because not all stores stock them, and the neighbourhood store might not have the brand you favour. You can consider purchasing toothbrush heads online, but it is not a convenient solution for everyone, especially if they need one immediately. Instead, you can consider stocking extra toothbrush heads, adding to the upfront costs of the electric brush.

The powered versions of toothbrushes don’t indicate that manual toothbrushes are no longer viable and are better discarded because they remain effective and depend on you to use the tool to clean your teeth manually. Our dentist in Langley suggests cleaning teeth for at least two minutes daily using fluoride toothpaste, besides getting six monthly oral prophylaxis to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and not affected by dental infections.

Besides using tools to clean your teeth, you must also ensure you maintain your oral health in excellent condition by refraining from having sugary and starchy foods and adhering to your dentist’s advice to care for your oral cavity appropriately.

If you want to change your toothbrush and shift to an electric variety, NovaCare Dental can help you determine the best option. Contact them today for advice on the best toothbrush to clean teeth for effective dental plaque removal.