Can you get a tooth implant while pregnant?

Can you get a tooth implant while pregnant?

Jan 01, 2023

Making a decision, such as getting a dental implant, will take several months. However, what happens if you get pregnant after scheduling the procedure? You will probably have questions about whether it is safe to have the dental implant procedure. Pregnancy can make us overly cautious. We tend to avoid habits that could harm our newborn baby and adopt new practices we consider safe. But this doesn’t mean you have to change your dental care routine. Our dentist in Langley recommends that one follow their regular oral care routine before getting pregnant. Additionally, necessity is considered if you need an elective dental procedure.

What is a Dental Implant

Dental implant treatment is a procedure used to replace a missing tooth with an artificial tooth. They consist of a metal post that acts as the tooth root and a crown. Dental implants can be used as an alternative to bridges and dentures.

Dental Implant and Pregnancy

Before proceeding with a dental procedure, we weigh the treatment’s risks and benefits at NovaCare Dental. We aim to minimize potential patient risks, especially if they are expectant or have other health conditions. For example, dental fillings and extracting an infected tooth can be done during pregnancy, but dental implants are not the same. Dental implants are an elective dental procedure that will tilt its benefits and risks.

A dental issue, such as a tooth infection, will put you and the unborn child at risk if there is delayed treatment. According to specialists, waiting for a dental implant when pregnant doesn’t have a significant threat to your health. However, the risks are more if you have dental implant surgery.

The possible health risks that come with having a dental implant during pregnancy include the following:

X-ray. The dentist will take a series of x-ray images when preparing you for the procedure. They use the images to evaluate the position of the teeth, bone density, and any other information that is essential for the treatment. Unfortunately, despite gynecologists stating that x-rays are safe in pregnant patients, there is the risk of your child being exposed to radiation.

Stress. Doubtless, dental implant surgery can make one nervous or anxious. It is certainly not worth the risk of being in a stressful situation while pregnant. Stress can lead to gestational hypertension which negatively affects the child.

Anesthesia. While local anesthesia is safe for pregnant patients, general anesthesia isn’t. For example, oral surgery is required to place the implant root during a dental implant procedure. Local anesthesia can be used for this, but dentists often recommend general anesthesia for nervous patients.

Dental Implant Failure. Getting dental implants during pregnancy due to the oral changes experienced. These changes will likely increase the chances of one not having a successful dental implant. Some of these changes include:

  • gum inflammation or disease
  • changes in the immune system
  • gestational diabetes
  • hormonal fluctuations, which may encourage oral bacteria growth
  • tooth decay

Pain Management Post-Surgery. The pain that follows after the procedure is another good reason why getting a dental implant while pregnant is not recommended. Discomfort and pain are normal after the procedure. The dentist usually prescribes medications to help get through the recovery with less or no pain. However, some of these medications prescribed are not suitable for pregnant patients. It is because they can put the developing fetus at risk.

How Can You Prepare for the Procedure

While dental implants are inadvisable when pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit your dentist. Maintaining your oral health throughout the pregnancy is something your dentist can help with. You could also consult them about dental implants and start planning ahead. Contact our dental office near you to learn more about dental implants in Langley. Ensure you maintain a good oral hygiene routine to benefit you and your baby. It includes flossing and brushing two times a day.


It’s okay to be disappointed in not getting dental implants while pregnant. However, you can take the opportunity to learn what to expect during the procedure. Plan with your dentist and start your journey of getting a dental restoration. By the time your baby is here you will be well-equipped and prepared for your smile transformation.