Seven Examples of Dental Fillings Benefits

Seven Examples of Dental Fillings Benefits

Feb 07, 2022

Do all routine dental appointments put smiles on patient’s faces? If you are anxious about your dental visit to have your teeth and mouth examined, you may at the back of your mind expect surprises, especially if you have been gorging on the foods and beverages your dentist recommended limiting or avoiding and also neglecting dental hygiene practices suggested.

Your visit to a Langley dentist may disappoint you when the dentist informs you have decayed teeth because of your indulgences, and the optimal way to safeguard your dental health is to eliminate tooth decay from your mouth at the earliest by receiving dental fillings.

The dentist’s discussion brings out the anxiety in you, making you want to run away from the practice instead of receiving the recommended fillings to prevent further damage from occurring inside the cavity. You think the dentist is trying to generate extra revenue from you by selling dental fillings and have different misconceptions in your mind without understanding why you mustn’t avoid fillers in your tooth when recommended by your dentist. This article intends to change your thinking by providing the benefits of dental fillings that can also surprise you. Would you please continue reading to understand the examples of dental filling benefits?

Dental Filling Benefits

Fillers Are Not Merely for Tooth Decay

Do not assume dental fillers are merely beneficial to repair cavities. However, in most instances, dentists use fillers to close the holes in your tooth to prevent further damage. What if you want the shape of a tooth altered? Dentists help you achieve your goal by using the composite resin filling material to change your tooth’s shape and make it appear similar to your other teeth. Therefore if dentists surprise you with information you need dental fillings, it could also indicate you have a tooth shorter than the rest.

Fillers Last for over a Decade Developed

If you decide to have cast gold or porcelain fillings, expect them to remain in your tooth for a decade and ½. However, if you care for the fillings after spending considerable sums on the fillers and dental appointments, the stuffing can last even longer. The higher costs of these filling materials justify the return they provide on investment keeping your tooth health in optimal condition to ensure your dental health is not harmed.

Current Day Fillings Provide Aesthetic Results

If the thought of getting metal fillings in your posterior or anterior teeth concerns you discuss the issue with the Langley dentist, who will happily provide tooth-coloured composite resin fillings to treat the infection in your tooth. However, you must understand composite resin filling have a lifespan of five to seven years and need replacement after that. Tooth-coloured fillings are favoured by many to restore the health of their teeth because they remain indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Fluoride Releasing Fillers Are Also Available

If you need fillings in a cavity, wouldn’t you like a filler that also helps you in your battle against cavities by releasing fluoride? Dentists have glass ionomer fillers that release fluoride to safeguard the affected tooth from additional decay and damage. Glass ionomer fillings help patients tooth decay below the gum line. The filling material is also helpful for children prone to tooth decay.

Dental Fillings Fortify weakened Tooth Structure

If you have extensive tooth decay and need tooth structure, removal dentists recommend inlays and Onlays indirect restorations created in a dental laboratory and requiring at least two appointments. Inlays and Onlays are beneficial when traditional fillings are insufficient to protect your tooth and safeguard dental health.

Dental Fillings Prevent Infections

If you need intensive dental treatments like the fearsome root canal therapy on a molar, you may have to visit your dentist for at least two appointments. After receiving successful root canal therapy, the dentist places a temporary filling in the tooth’s access hole to allow the roots to recover before you can have a permanent filling from your regular dentist. The temporary filling ensures your tooth is protected from the bacteria in your mouth until you have restored it by a permanent filling or dental crown as soon as possible.

Tooth decay can make eating and chewing challenging and impact your overall health. Instead of enduring a minor problem that can expand into a significant issue, get the dental fillings recommended to enjoy the benefits of these restorations.

Do not fear dental fillings because the procedure is entirely painless and completed by NovaCare Dental within 45 minutes. Please schedule an appointment with them for the fillers you need.