Sep 02, 2021

Everyone doesn’t have the same color of natural teeth. We all have different shades of teeth color. However, white teeth don’t indicate that the person’s teeth are healthy. Your teeth can be white and still be unhealthy. This is because tooth decay is not caused by the natural color of teeth but by how well you maintain your teeth. Also, your lifestyle and other factors can cause tooth discoloration and tooth decay. Your natural teeth’ color depends on how thick and translucent your enamel is.

The enamel is the outer layer or surface of the teeth that protects the teeth. The enamel is naturally whitish. Most people have a thick enamel while some have thinner enamel. Inside the teeth, there is a part of the teeth called “the dentin” which is covered by the enamel. The dentin has a little yellowish color but the color of the dentin is covered by the enamel. If you have thinner enamel, it is easy for people to see the yellowish color.

Also, age can contribute to the color of your teeth. As you advance in age, your enamel becomes weaker and then it gets more transparent thereby allowing the yellowish color of the dentin to become more obvious. While some people’s teeth are yellow due to age and genetics, some have yellow teeth due to lifestyle reasons and other factors.

What Are The Unnatural Causes Of Yellowish Teeth?

Apart from the natural causes of yellow teeth, other unnatural factors cause yellow teeth. In this case, the person might either destroy the thickness of the enamel or stain the enamel due to their different lifestyle or other activities. Even people who have the whitest teeth can have discoloration if they are not careful with their dental health. Clean teeth or healthy teeth are not defined by their color.

The unnatural causes of yellow teeth are:

Poor Dental Hygiene: A person who doesn’t practice a good tooth care routine can suffer from dental issues and tooth discoloration. When you don’t wash your teeth regularly, you give room for plaques to live inside your teeth. Also, food stains can get stuck if you don’t brush them away immediately. This is why it is important to brush your teeth twice a day. Brush before eating and before going to bed. Brushing your teeth at night before going to bed, saves your teeth from stains caused by all the food you have eaten during the day. Also, aggressive teeth brushing or brushing your teeth with charcoal can endanger your enamel thereby making it lose its strength. Be careful while brushing and brush gently. Brushing of the teeth is effective when your brush for a longer period and brush the corners and parts of the teeth. It is not dependant on harsh brushing. Some people brush their teeth with so much force but do not still brush thoroughly. This is because they don’t brush all the corners of the teeth.

Smoking: Apart from the fact that smoking can be dangerous to your health, smoking can also cause dental problems and make your teeth yellowish or dark. The enamel can get stained by the substance that is inside whatever you are smoking especially cigarettes.

Medications: Some people can get their teeth stained due to the kind of medications they take. For instance, a drug called tetracycline can cause teeth discoloration. Also, those who have had root canal therapy can have discolored teeth.

Are Bananas Bad For Your Teeth?

Bananas are filled with nutrients and vitamins that can bolster your enamel. They are good for the teeth and even the health. But it is important to know that too much of everything is bad and there should be a level of balance. Though bananas are rich in potassium, magnesium, and manganese that aids tooth care and strength, eating them the right way will save you a lot of damages. Bananas can be gummy and sticky. If you don’t brush immediately after eating a banana, it might get stuck in your teeth’ holes and cause plaques to build up. So, you need to practice good oral hygiene even if you are eating bananas for your good dental health.

What Foods Whitens Teeth?

If you would love to whiten your teeth naturally without the use of chemicals, then there are certain kinds of foods that can help you with that. For natural teeth whitening, you can feed on strawberries, watermelons, pineapple, papaya, and milk. For instance, strawberries and watermelon contain malic acid, which can be used for natural teeth bleaching. It also increases the production of saliva to help wash the mouth naturally, reduce mouth dryness and bad breath. Milk also has the nutrients that are important for your teeth. Milk contains calcium which makes the teeth strong and healthy.

How Do People Get Their Teeth So White?

Well, some people visit the dentist for teeth whitening treatments and also practice good dental hygiene. If you’re not satisfied with the color of your teeth, you can get your teeth whitened. However, teeth whitening is best effective when it is professionally done by the dentist. Also, make sure you see a dentist who would help you with teeth whitening guidelines and recommended products if you want to perform teeth whitening by yourself at home.