When to Consider the Services of a Cosmetic Dentist?

When to Consider the Services of a Cosmetic Dentist?

Jan 01, 2021

Perhaps you noticed some stains on your teeth when looking at yourself in the mirror, or maybe you just chipped a tooth during a recreational activity. You may need some cosmetic help as you are attending an important function. If as many people you realize that cosmetic dentists can enhance your smile and self-image, you should search for a dentist near me just like many people do to correct the unwanted oral problems.


Studies reveal that people between 31 and 40 belong to the groups that demand these services the most. Baby boomers who are close to their retirement years are second in the category, and millennials are also approaching cosmetic dentists as the age of selfies has made cosmetic dentistry incredibly essential. It would be safe to assume the trends aren’t going to change anytime soon because people are beginning to feel comfortable requesting these services from Langley dental.


Do you want to schedule an appointment with the dental facility to enhance your smile and self-esteem? Let us look at some treatments offered by cosmetic dentists to help you.


The Celebrity Smile


You can brighten your smile using red lipstick, but you must aim to have whiter teeth if you want something better. Cosmetic teeth whitening is a service requested the most by people. You may think teeth whitening is not challenging and believe you can do it yourself. However, when the dentist provides the treatment in Langley, the results are dramatic.


If the discoloration on your teeth is mild, you can achieve some results using tooth whitening toothpaste but do not expect dramatic results because this method doesn’t make it possible. Suppose you visit a dental professional for teeth whitening. In that case, they bleach your teeth with hydrogen peroxide and even provide an at-home teeth whitening kit with gels to maintain the whitening treatment. Professionally administered teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist ensures your gums and soft tissues are protected while making your smile appear whiter faster.


Repair That Chipped Tooth


Chipped teeth are the third leading cause of tooth loss in developed nations. Today we have a longer lifespan and our enduring higher stress levels resulting in repeated issues like clenching and grinding our teeth. If you are involved in recreational activities having a chipped tooth should be a foregone conclusion as this a leading cause of dental injuries.


Cosmetic dentists can fix this problem in many ways to return your smile to its former glory. You can have dental bonding where a custom tooth-colored composite resin matching your teeth is applied to treat the chips on a tooth. Composite bonding lasts for about ten years. However, if you want a more durable solution, the Langley dentist provides dental veneers made from porcelain that last for 15 years or more to enhance your smile and self-esteem.


Have Crooked Teeth but Don’t Want a Mouthful of Metal?


If you have crooked and gapped teeth that need fixing, metal and wire braces are not the only option to correct the problem. Dentistry innovations have ensured you now have alternatives like virtually invisible plastic clear aligners that are discreet and allow you to fix the imperfections with your teeth without publishing your treatment to all and sundry.


Restore A Damaged Tooth with Help from the Cosmetic Dentist


Do you have a tooth extensively damaged due to decay or infections? Perhaps your Langley dentist has suggested a dental filling is unsuitable for restoring the tooth. However, if you contact a cosmetic dentist, they provide natural-looking dental crowns that encase your entire tooth for protection while giving you the aesthetic appearance you need.


What Can You Do If You Are Self-Conscious with Your Smile?


Are you the only one among your friends or colleagues who hides their smile whenever a camera flashes or you meet people? Perhaps you are self-conscious and don’t want to show off your pearly whites or the lack of them. In such cases, you must not hide your smile behind your palms but have a cosmetic dentist evaluate it to understand what actions can physically enhance your smile.


Cosmetic dentistry procedures require little preparation, but you may experience some discomfort and must prepare yourself for a couple of dentist visits. After you visit a cosmetic dentist, your results will change your life for the better, making you a different individual than you were earlier.