The Advantages of Digital Dental X-Rays

The Advantages of Digital Dental X-Rays

Apr 01, 2023

You may have information about dental x-rays if you have a broken bone. X-rays efficiently visualize fractures and bone abnormalities, but the technology has multiple uses.

Digital dental imaging offers our Langley dentist a powerful tool for correctly diagnosing and treating many tooth and gum problems. Safety is a priority, so the Langley dentist utilizes the most updated technology to protect patients. They offer digital dental x-rays as an alternative to the conventional techniques that were earlier prevalent to view dental health details comprehensively.

Digital x-rays offer many benefits. If you are fearful of conventional x-rays because of the high radiation visiting a dental office offering digital x-ray technology provides you the advantages mentioned below:

  • High-Quality Images: Digital x-rays are captured with digital sensors instead of traditional x-ray film. These sensors deliver high-quality images for preservation on a computer. High resolution and accuracy ensure that dentists have more information for use. In addition to technology also captures images of your gums and other oral structures besides your teeth.
  • Enlargement Options: when viewing a traditional x-ray, the image is viewed in actual size. However, digital x-rays can be enlarged to allow the dentist near me to zoom the image to identify potential problems.
  • Easy Access and Storage: storage and access to digital x-rays are much more straightforward than conventional film. You can receive printed copies if you need to store the images or share them. In addition, the images are also shareable through electronic systems to insurance companies to help them speed up the process of insurance claims.
  • Instant Viewing: Conventional x-rays require time for the film to develop. However, digital technology makes the images viewable instantly because the pictures are pulled on a computer screen immediately after the photos are captured.
  • Improved Diagnostics: when dentists have access to clear images and better information, it increases the accuracy of diagnostics. As a patient, you can rest assured the diagnosis and treatment plan is custom created based on the precise specifications of your mouth. In addition, digital x-rays reveal inconspicuous problems like hidden areas of decay, bone infections, gum disease, tumors, and other abnormalities that remain out of sight during visual exams.
  • Time and Money Saver: early detection using digital technology helps minimize intensive treatments that become essential. Therefore you can save time and money by visiting a dentist with digital technology to avoid invasive treatments.
  • Electronic Storage: the dental office stores the digital x-rays electronically, providing you with a printed copy of the image if required. In addition, the pictures can be shared with your healthcare provider or insurance company and stored securely in the cloud for use later if needed.
  • Reduced Radiation: digital x-rays ensure you are not exposed to significant radiation because they are reduced by nearly 70 percent compared to traditional x-rays. Less radiation exposure ensures the dentist helps reduce your exposure to it and the potential side effects besides the long-term risk of radiation exposure.
  • Environmentally Friendly: as digital x-rays do not require processing chemicals, they offer an efficient way of eliminating pollution. In addition, digital images are captured without leftover chemicals or hazardous waste.

The Langley dentist is committed to offering you the best in dental technology. They have invested in digital x-rays to benefit their patients besides themselves. After all, it offers them an efficient method of capturing images, storing them, and sharing them if required without needing to invest in considerable infrastructure at high prices because digital technology offers advantages to everyone.

Patients save time and money when the dentist identifies problems in their mouth that are not visible during visual exams. In addition, they receive conservative and minimal treatments for the conditions in their mouth, thus preventing the need for intensive and expensive remedies.

Dentists also benefit from digital x-rays because they eliminate the need for separate rooms for developing the captured images, resulting in less waiting time for patients to receive a diagnosis. In addition, easy access, electronic storage, and enlargement options make it easier for the dentist to arrive at an accurate diagnosis and recommend the least invasive treatments for patients.

Few dentists have invested in digital technology because of the higher investment in wired or wireless digital technology. As a result, many still rely on conventional x-rays when diagnosing and treating dental problems in patients. However, if you visit our Langley dentist, they give you access to digital radiography to benefit from all the above and more after your visit.

If you think traditional x-rays are harmful or concerning, NovaCare Dental has invested in digital technology to ease your fears. Consult them for your dental treatments to benefit from the advantages of digital technology when x-raying your mouth and receiving the treatments necessary earlier than expected.