Everything You Should Know About Dental Veneers

Everything You Should Know About Dental Veneers

Jul 01, 2020

There has never been a time where aesthetic appeal meant so much to people than is the case in the 21st century. The beauty and cosmetic industry have significantly grown over the years, with celebrities and civilians competing to have the best in everything. This is especially the case in dental appearances.

In dentistry, repair works happen more frequently than you can imagine. There is always a patient that needs one or more of their teeth fixed to live up to a certain expectation. Some of those works are made possible by cosmetic dentistry. It is an area of dental care dedicated to beautifying smiles through adjusting the size, shape, and color of teeth. Read on to learn more about the place of dental veneers in all this.

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are tooth-shaped devices used in dentistry to improve the appearance of teeth. These appliances are attached to teeth through a process of dental bonding, which includes the use of special dental cement.

Ideally, the veneers are usually made of porcelain material, which is why they are also referred to as porcelain veneers in dental care. However, other types of dental veneers are made from composite materials. While they are equally effective, porcelain veneers refract light much better that composites, giving you a more aesthetically appealing result.

Oral Veneers Vs. Oral Crowns

Many people tend to mistake dental veneers for dental crowns since they are often used interchangeably for certain oral treatments. However, the two are different. Dental veneers are unique from other types of devices because of how they are placed on teeth.

Veneers are only worn over teeth on the front side. Ideally, the tooth-shaped porcelain materials are only placed on the front side of teeth to cover up the flaws thereof. On the other hand dental crowns cover your entire tooth with the porcelain shell. This makes dental veneers much more preferable for front teeth than dental crowns.

​When Are Dental Veneers Necessary?

After learning so much about dental veneers, it is easy to dismiss them as not needful for you. Unless you hear it from your dentist, you can never overlook the importance of veneers in cosmetic dentistry. If you are still in doubt about getting veneers, consider the following ways in which they are used in dentistry:

  1. ​Teeth whitening – have you ever desired whiter and brighter teeth than what you have? In cosmetic dentistry, you may not have to go through the professional bleaching process to whiten your teeth. Instead, veneers can be placed over your stained teeth to brighten their color. If you want, you can even have veneers on all your front teeth for a uniform white and bright smile.
  2. Reshaping teeth – different types of teeth have a typical look. For example, incisors look different from canine teeth. All their shapes work together to realize the perfect dental formula. However, it is not every day you meet patients with naturally well-shaped teeth. Some have teeth that have craters or bulges in them, while others’ teeth are too pointy, too short, or simply crooked. These disparities can ruin the perfection of your smile. Thankfully, veneers can be molded to perfect the shape of your teeth. Short teeth can be lengthened, pointy ones rounded and crooked ones smoothen Ed using veneers over teeth.
  3. Closing spaces between teeth – when your teeth are not big enough for the space in your jawbone, spaces are likely to be left in between the teeth. Such a problem can take time to correct using orthodontic measures. However, with dental veneers, you can have your teeth adjusted appropriately to cover up the spaces between your teeth.
  4. Repairing damaged teeth – a traumatic injury can leave your teeth damaged and looking ugly. A great example is when you sustain a crack, a chip, or have your tooth broken. These problems will keep reminding you of your accident unless you have them fixed. Veneers can cover such flaws on teeth and restore the structure and glare of your teeth.
  5. Complete smile makeover – if you have a combination of all the above oral problems, full veneers are perfect for restoring your smile into something beautiful.